About Arcadia, MI.

 1860s saw the early Europeans start settling in present day Arcadia. This civil township is located in Manistee County, state of Michigan. The early settlers built homes in Arcadia and currently this township still maintains numerous homes. The development of this township as a residential area has seen the area experience tremendous growth over the years as investors put up businesses to serve the community. This development is beneficial to the economy and residents of Arcadia. Additionally, the residents here are also able to enjoy important services from the different government departments.
 Due to the continued developments, various economic sectors in Arcadia have received a boost and most of the services and amenities are modernized. The education levels have gone up since Arcadia is served by several government sponsored schools. Additionally, the government is fully functional and ensures the necessary services and utilities are availed without interruptions. Arcadia is also home to famous recreational facilities like the Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course, Lutheran family retreat center and Camp Arcadia. Arcadia is a suitable business hub due to the fact that most home owners here use their homes during holidays.
 Tourism is definitely the backbone of Arcadia’s economy. There are numerous attraction sites with the likes of Trinity Lutheran Church which is the oldest structure in Arcadia. Apart from attraction sites, there are numerous luxurious getaway spots that make Arcadia the ideal place to enjoy holidays. The transport network is incredible thus easy connectivity to other neighboring major towns. Arcadia is arguably one of the coziest places to lead a quiet life. 
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