About Lansing, MI.

Lansing is Michigan's state capital and is the sixth largest city in the state.  Located mostly Ingham county, Lansing is divided into four sections. The Eastside of the town runs east of the Grand River.  This section is the most ethnically diverse section of the city and is otherwise known as the eEast historic district.
The Westside is located west and south of the Grand River and is known as the cities most socioeconomically diverse section.  Lansing's downtown is located here.  Outside the downtown area resides a large collection of residential neighborhoods. The Northwestside is located North of the Grand River.  This area is the smallest side of the city.  This side is the home of the Capital Regional International Airport and includes many suburban residential and historic areas. 
The Southside neighborhoods are located south of the Grand & Cedar Rivers.  This section is the largest and most populated side of town, although not greatly known.  The Edgewood District is located in the southern most part of the southside and is often referred to as the Southside. Learn more about what the city of Lansing, Michigan has to offer from their nightlife, recreation, lifestyle and more. Serving Lansing is the Lansing Public School District. When looking for Moving & Storage options in Lansing start your search here. Be sure to compare Cable & Internet deals in Lansing. Browse cleaning services and handymen in Lansing, Michigan.