About Lexington, MI.

Located in the U.S State of Michigan, Lexington was constructed by the U.S Army corps following the river and harbor act of 1965. Currently, the harbor is famous for recreational boating activities. This small village is located in Sanilac County, Michigan State. As much as Lexington is not a huge city, the harbor has immensely contributed to the growth of this small area. Nowadays, Lexington can boast of modern facilities and a decent livelihood for its residents.
Lexington is endowed with modern facilities courtesy of the government. In addition, residents are able to enjoy important services which come a long way in shaping the area. However, one of the most outstanding factors about Lexington is the beautiful landscape. This landscape has made this village a popular tourist destination and through this, Lexington is able to earn lots of revenue. The area is also served by several public institutions such as schools and hospitals. On the other hand, there are numerous entertainment joints that have been set up by the private investors.
The city has a population of approximately 1,200 and despite the village not being dense populated, the village has the ability to sustain itself through the various economic activities carried out. More-to-that, the well structured government in association with the private stakeholders can also be accredited for the stability shown by such as small area. Lexington is definitely one of the few places where anyone can make it without having to go to a huge city or town. 
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